Jun 25, 2012

quantity vs quality time....

pernah xrsa cm annoying bila kita nk jumpe family,bff, kezen, bf or gf to spent quality time with them but suddenly di dok bekepit je dgn fon or playing games or buat bnda yg x penting bila kita kat dpn????? pernahkan..... rsa cm x yah jumpe pon xpe... it's happen okay... cm jugak bila kita ckp fon tp dia bleh dok smbil wt keje so ilang fokus... it's not fun at all... so apa kata we make a little time, put down ur weapon(fon, game n etc) and have fun with them. kenapa sy ckp weapon?? sbb dia boleh mmbunuh hubungan anda....tp apakah itu masa yang berkualiti???? masa yang berkualiti itu adalah dimana korg boleh borak2, men games bersama tp bkn sorg, men kejar2 or nyorok2 or teng teng ke n many others group activity..... If I was a judge, I will propose a new law to those who are busy with the phone, games and others they will be sentenced to spend quality time forever... hehehe

P.S. I'm sure it can't hurt u even brighten ur relationship and maybe u will need less than 20 minutes...teeeheeeee!

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