Sep 29, 2011


Even though there were signs but we still lost. Nk g Tganu dr KL tp ikut highway plus mana nk sampai dek oi. bleh smpai tp jauh la kot. Maybe mereka or SAYA yg confuse nk ikut jalan mana n still berada di tempat yg sama je. But then I'm expert in jalan2 ni. Cakap je nk g mana InsyaAllah smpai. Yela tu diyana. In real life, i just couldn't see the road maybe i couldn't find the right signs or maybe the maps is totally wrong... OR i just pick the wrong way to the destination instead of the shortcut i took the long cut or no cut at all.... haha. I AM JUST A GIRL LOST IN THE MOMENT.. sat lg jumpe la blk tu... still hoping....................

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